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  • How do you clean granite

    Granite, quartz and marble are best cleaned by specific granite cleaning sprays or liquids. Always use water, liquid dishwasher and cloth to soften and remove food stains.

  • Price of Granite

    Granite is calculated by linear meter, meaning that its 1 meter by 600 mili meters. The cheapest stone material in South Africa is Rustenburg.

  • Granite vs Quartz

    granite is a natural stone cut from blocks taken from from mountains and quartz are engineered or man made stone material made from 90 % natural quartz stones and hardened with heat and glue.

  • How thick is granite

    granite and marble often comes in 3cm for durability, quartz standard size is 2cm because it's stronger than granite and marble. It is best to build your island with 3cm size for how it looks.

  • what are quartz

    Quartz are man made stone material, mostly made replicating marble style quartz are much lighter and stronger than granite and marble. The beauty of quartz is that they also come in solid colours.