Kitchen Sink


Best sink installed by clients installing granite and quartz countertops

Unless you not planning to eat nor drink in your kitchen or have a dish washer, kitchen sink has to be one of the most essential equipment to have.

Stainless Steel drop in sink


Stainless steel is one of the most affordable and trusted sink installed. Is it fashionable? no! This sink is easy to install, easy to clean and also has a lifetime warrantee.

Quartz sink

Double bowl quartz sink has to be the second choice for affordability of what is new and also what can blend in with multi colour granite or quartz top surfaces.

The are number of ranges with quartz sink and the best choice is most black and a pure white.

Undermount Sink

quartz undermount sink

Under mount sink is one of the most requested stylish sink with quartz or granite tops. The recommended under mount sink is the double bowl as it can with stand piles of dishes whistle the single bowl has the same purpose as a prep bowl.

The cost of the under mount is very affordable, cutting, polishing and installing an under mount is where the real expense is.

Apron Butler sink

Apron butler sink better known as country farm house sink is the classical sink that catches up with time.

This sink is installed and supported by a cabinet, and granite fabricators cutting and polishing it precisely on the edge to create a water flow

Flat sink

Flat sink has to be one of the most ideal sink if you are to conscious about water flow on your tops, this style of sink creates a feel secure from water damage cabinets as you can easily wipe from the surface to the sink.

This sink has to be the most pricy sink not only on its price tag but also to install it, there is no room for gabs, errors and adjustable position to fit it as is a drop and close tight sink.

Stone Custom made sink

stone custom made sink

Granite and quartz can be cut and joint to make a custom made sink with a sink drilled on top. This has to be one of the most stylish’d sink, it takes a well experienced installer to built one and much time to assemble it.