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  • Sealing granite and marble

    Sealing granite and marble

    Granite and Stone Complete care kit polish and Sealer The Weiman granite and marble sealer complete care kit, this is one of the most affordable granite care kit in South Africa for natural stone and DIY instructions on sealing and removing stains are written. Whats included in the care kit: Granite and Stone Cleaner The […]

  • Calacatta quartz

    Calacatta quartz

    Calacatta Quartz Calacatta is a white natural marble stone range that has darker veins. Marble is a beautiful stone but not ideal for kitchens, as is a pores stone, easily absorbs stainers liquids such as lemon, coffee, wine, and other stainers liquids and without proper support, it is a stone that breaks easy. Quartz stone […]

  • Rustenburg granite

    Rustenburg granite

    Rustenburg Granite Countertops Rustenburg Granite It’s still one of the most affordable granite stones in South Africa and it’s locally sourced in the northern province of South Africa in a small town named Rustenburg. Rustenburg granite stone can suit any color of the cabinet and white glossy cabinets give the room a well-balanced look. Rustenburg […]

  • Granite Splash back

    Granite Splash back

    Granite and Quartz back splash Install granite and quartz splash back for your kitchen tops, best used for waterproofing cabinets and to cover gabs or uneven walls, splash backs do offer a beauty feature for kitchen tops. Common size hight for backsplash is between 70mm to 200mm, with a standard thickness of 20mm makes the […]

  • Cleaning granite, marble and quartz products

    Cleaning granite, marble and quartz products

    Recommended granite and quartz cleaning brands Granite, quartz and marble cleaning liquids and sprays that are sold in South Africa and come highly recommended by hardware stores and other installers, this is not a ranking list but a list of recommended brands to clean your kitchen tops, vanity tops, bar tops and other stone material […]

  • granite installation

    granite installation

    Granite, marble and Quartz installation Granite, quartz and marble installation has a broad process for an installation to take place, whether it be a fireplace, kitchen tops, bathroom vanities, bathtub surrounds, and custom stone fabrication. Cabinets where the stone will be fitting must be measured with precision for a tidy and elegant designed space. The […]

  • northriding

    Rustenburg granite tops in Northriding Rustenburg is a popular stone that is been put in South African kitchens, this kitchen includes an island, sink cut out and a stove cut with a finishing of a bull nose edge profiling.

  • off cuts

    off cuts

    Quartz Cut to size A range of off cuts to choose from for vanity tops, coffee tables, chopping board, shower trays, Splash backs, Garden dining tables, fire pits, side tables, and custom request. White is the most colour we have with measurements within 1200 x 700 perfect for small projects. Note: We do not build […]

  • Roodepoort-Wilgeheuwel


    Roodepoort quartz & granite countertops installation Granite Island Pewter quartz Island and stove cut out installation in wilgeheuwel the west rand of Johannesburg. Grey quartz countertops blend well with white cabinets and splash back in order to balance the contrast in the kitchen. Sink cut out on quartz After putting support on cabinets, quartz tops […]

  • granite for your kitchen

    granite for your kitchen

    Reasons why you should install granite or quartz This are the 5 reasons why you should switch from formica tops to granite or quartz stone in your kitchen, this are some of the reasons that left you covering your kitchen countertops with chopping boards and cloth. Burns Granite tops can resist heat from pots, tea […]