Stove cut out

The cutout dimensions are the length and width of the opening in the countertop needed for installation of the stove.

Drop-in sink cut out

The distinguishing feature of a drop-in sink is its surrounding rim, slightly wider than the sink opening in the countertop. When installed, that rim rests on top of the counter.

Below the counter, additional mounts screw tight against the underside. The slight lip where the rim meets the counter is then sealed with silicon to provide a barrier to water and dirt.

Pop Out Plug

This is an electrical outlet refers to an outlet that is concealed underneTath the surface of your countertops or kitchen islands for adding convenient power sources to your kitchen

Pop up plugs can be made in squares but the common ones are round and a diameter of 80 to 100 mm can be cut to size.

Bin Led


This is a built-in countertop trash bin with stay open lid is perfect for disposal of organic waste right on your kitchen countertop.

Sink Grooves

 This are simple drainage grooves that allow water to drain from your worktop into your under-mount sink

Prep Bowl

This Round Single Bowl Preparation Sink is perfect for front-kitchen cooking or entertainment areas.

Under Mount or underslung sink cut

An under mount sink attaches to the underside of the counter rather than resting on a rim. Mounted from below, under mount sinks are held tight to the underside with a combination of silicone adhesive or brackets.


Waterfall is a counter going of a stone placed on the down side, this feature is mostly done on kitchen islands, countertops that are exposed on the entrance.

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