Calacatta quartz

Calacatta Quartz

Calacatta is a white natural marble stone range that has darker veins. Marble is a beautiful stone but not ideal for kitchens, as is a pores stone, easily absorbs stainers liquids such as lemon, coffee, wine, and other stainers liquids and without proper support, it is a stone that breaks easy.

Quartz stone was developed to withstand adhesive liquids and does not break easily. A marble range of quartz is developed to have the same look and feel like a natural marble stone. The sizes of man-made quartz stone come in standard sizes that are bigger than natural marble stone and can have the same look, in color, shade, and pattern.

Calacatta quartz full slab size is 3220 x 1620 and a half slab of 3220 x 810 can be arranged for a counter, island, or even a bathtub surround.

They are leading companies such as Eezi quartz, Enduro quartz, and Caesarstone, which have a large range of quartz marble stones.

Eezi quartz

Eezi quartz calacatta range of full slab view perfect for kitchen island, tables and wall quartz tile, keeping in mind that the patterns of the veins in the stone may differ. Slab sizes come in different sizes depending on the required fitting measurements.

Enduro Quartz

Most requested calacatta range is from Enduro Quartz which comes at an affordable price range. Their veins on the stones may be light with the Calacatta slim or light with the calacatta slim.

Sigma Quartz Calacatta Quartz

Sigma Quartz has one of the biggest slab size of Calcutta quartz in the market, their standard sizes are 1820 x 3220 making them the most selling Calacatta.