granite for your kitchen

Reasons why you should install granite or quartz

This are the 5 reasons why you should switch from formica tops to granite or quartz stone in your kitchen, this are some of the reasons that left you covering your kitchen countertops with chopping boards and cloth.


Granite tops can resist heat from pots, tea cups and other heated kitchen accessories, because its a stone granite and quartz can withstand it.


No one has an intention to scratch a top intentionally but kids can use knifes to cut bread, polony, cheese and even visitors that wont look for a chopping to chop veggies, having granite and quartz can prevent your kitchen looking like cats were fighting in your kitchen.


You do not have to worry about stains from spills of lemon juice, coffee, wine and other liquids that may be of absorbance, having granite or quartz in your kitchen can give you a peace of mind.

water resistant

After years formica shreds into pieces due to water damage, leaving the kitchen or bathroom cabinets looking old and untidy. To avoid such instances for your home granite, quartz and marble is the best choice to install.


As time goes by with formica tops, developing from shreds of wood and leaving gabs from water damages insect find a home. Granite, marble and quartz do not give deteriorating damages that will make cockroaches and other bugs to hide and live within the top.