off cuts
  • pewter vanity top
  • white Sigma quartz
  • vanity whisper enduro quartz
  • sparkle Vanity top
  • Sea shimmer enduro quartz vanity top
  • Whisper enduro quartz vanity
  • white Sigma quartz vanity
  • white speckle

Quartz Cut to size

A range of off cuts to choose from for vanity tops, coffee tables, chopping board, shower trays, Splash backs, Garden dining tables, fire pits, side tables, and custom request.

White is the most colour we have with measurements within 1000 x 600 perfect for small projects.

Price exclude Delivery

+ vat
MagnoliaQuartz400 x 60020mmR800
Iconic Black – SilestoneQuartz3200 x 99012mmR3880
Iconic Black – SilestoneQuartz1500 x 160012mmR1860
ThunderQuartz1020 x 60020mmR1330
Black Maquina Quartz1520 x 60020mmR2860
Dove grey Quartz1190 x 60020mmR1100
RustenburgGranite1010 x 78030mmR1790
Crema Sardo Granite889 x 85030mmR2200
Rustenburg – usedGranite1050 x 80030mmR1040
Sea SprayQuartz1050 x 76020mmR1780
cemento spa silestonequartz1550 x 85020mmR1770
Nero Eezi quartzQuartz980 x 88020mmR2280
Wet concrete Enduro QuartzQuartz 1040 x 69020mmR2280
Blanco marpleQuartz850 x 76020mmR1300
Snow storm enduro quartzQuartz800 x 60020mmR1000
Snow storm enduro quartzquartz770 x 61020mmR850
Rustenburg Granite900 x 60030mmR900
Kalahari springGranite780 x 70030mmR950
Moonshine Enduro QuartzQuartz600 x 60020mmR700

For image please google the name of the stone

White, Brown, Any

Note: We do not build a kitchen or make joints from off cuts