Recommended granite and quartz cleaning brands

Granite, quartz and marble cleaning liquids and sprays that are sold in South Africa and come highly recommended by hardware stores and other installers, this is not a ranking list but a list of recommended brands to clean your kitchen tops, vanity tops, bar tops and other stone material countertops.

This daily sprays or liquid will bring back the shine and protect your stone countertops from coffee, lemon and wine spills that have dried out and made a spot on your top.

Whatever you do, do not use All-Purpose Cleaners, you can even cause damage to your countertops. All-purpose cleaning liquid can leave your stone tops looking dull and old, it is best not to use them at all.

Weiman daily granite & stone cleaner

Granite and marble are natural stones that are porous, which requires special care and attention. Keep granite and other stone surfaces looking their best, you need the right timing, products and tactics.

Weiman granite cleaner and polisher gives you the right amount of daily cleaning to protect and also shine your stone.


Plush Supreme

The plush Granite Cleaner & Polisher enhances, shines and protects your granite, marble and only natural stones. This spray is used daily after wiping tops with non cream liquids, when applying Plush Supreme use a separate dishcloth.


Caesarstone cleaner is also ideal for cleaning sinks and taps, baths and basins, shower recesses and tile surfaces, as well as cooking hobs. Specially made for quartz, Caesartone cleaner is one of the most used cleaners after an installation for a shiny and new look .

Along with Caesarstone the is also a Caesarstone Cream that you apply on stains and wipe with a white dish washing sponge.

R150 EachBuy

TFC Easy clean

Tile & Floor Care Easy Clean is an industrial strength cleaner and neutraliser which can also used for granite, quartz and marble tops. Easy Clean must be diluted for general cleaning purposes. Easy Clean is specially formulated to cost effectively clean surfaces that have been soiled with oils, greases and general grime.

Sunlight Liquid

This liquid includes no cream to weaken the granite granite and quartz sealing. This liquid is best used to soak and remove hardened stains and its also safe to use on any stone material.

Stoneshield granite countertop cleaner

STONESHIELD GRANITE COUNTERTOP CLEANER is ready to use spray and wipe, granite countertop cleaner for everyday use. For fast and effective removal of grease, grime, and general dirt. Cleans and disinfects in one easy step

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