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granite installation

Granite, marble and Quartz installation

Granite, quartz and marble installation has a broad process for an installation to take place, whether it be a fireplace, kitchen tops, bathroom vanities, bathtub surrounds, and custom stone fabrication. Cabinets where the stone will be fitting must be measured with precision for a tidy and elegant designed space.

The are the 5 steps of stone installations

1. measurements and samples

For granite and quartz to be installed accurate measurement must be taken by the client, our agent or even your carpenter. In countries like South Africa millimetres are mostly used for measurements, while countries like America and Canada use inches. Try to avoid using centimetres.

Samples of stones from different brands are shown by our agent doing a site visit to your house, or have selected the stone online, along with the measurements a quote or estimation will be calculated for a choice that will suit the clients budget.

2 Order stone material

Once the stone has been selected and measurements been taken, a quotation will be send to the client for finalisation along with terms and condition of the project and this will take effect once instalment or deposit has been made.

Quotation will include the stone chosen, measurements taken, and the alteration that might be done on the installation.

3 Collecting the slab

quartz delivery

Slabs are examined before they are collected for cracks and where veins if they do not clash with where the cutting will take place. A deposit is required before the stone is collected, at STONE COUNTERTOPS 70% is required for the stone to be collected.

4 Cutting and polishing

Stone is cut according to the measurements taken, with sink and stove cut out on site if measurements are not taken by our agent.

Edge profile polishing will be chosen by the client, keep in mind that the standard free edging offered is the pencil and half bullnose.

5 Installation or Fitting

Granite installation takes place once formica is removed, before removing the formica an assessment of cabinets, tiles or backsplash, sink pipes removed, support of granite is taken to consideration.