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kitchen countertops integration

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latest countertop integration

Stone Countertops can be integrated with a variety of devices, as long as this devices does not have direct heat to the countertop no damage can be expected.

Proper tools should be used to cut and install

Kaelo wine cooler

Kaelo is a wine cooler that maintains its drink between 5 to 12 degrees. Control and personalised lighting by touching anywhere on the Crown.

A cut out of 152 diameter is made to insert the device and a hight of 300mm is needed for space, and an electrical socket to plug the kaelo wine cooler.

Kaelo has a flushed profile, this profile keeps the countertops flat and even with no wine bottle there is no device showing .

The curved profile is the most popular choice. This profile has a uniq look on the counter as the light profile reflects upper compared to the flushed.

gas stove

PITT cookware is the inviter Gas burners installed directly into any countertop of your choice. This gas stove is placed underneath and the gas burner placed on top only allowing the visibility of this burners which creates a minimalist counter.

PITT cooking burners can be installed into countertops made of Quartz composite, granite, concrete, terrazzo, glass, ceramic, Porcelain, marble, other natural stone.

The gas burners on PITT cooking has enough steel on the counter to allow heat to go up maintaining a low heat on the surface.

under mount stove induction

Made by Invisa Cook which is the only brand currently manufacturing this underneath stove cookware. Invisa cook uses an induction that heats up steel above the stone top and immediately removing your pots the stove switches off which makes it safe for anyone to touch tops unlike traditional stoves that need cooling off.

According to the reviews from customers who have purchased product, it works only on porcelain and granite countertops while on other stones such as marble, granite and quartz have experienced cracks.

Invisa cook also include mat that speeds up the cooking or heat process. This mat are non sticky and can be put on and off freely.

kitchen island pop up extractor

kitchen island pop up extractor are becoming popular as more home owners are conscious about space especially with appliances showing.