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5 things to avoid on quartz countertops

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5 things to avoid on quartz countertops

Quartz are durable and are not labeled as plastic like before because it is man made but its resistant on stain and not cracking like most natural stone quartz is a popular choice of stone.

Just like a natural stone, they are basic things to avoid on quartz countertops which may lead to damages.

Yes quartz does have a warranty which makes it the only stone with one, do note that as much as quality is offered on the stone that does not mean for example that one can make a fire on the stone because it is heat resistant.

Hot pots

Avoiding hot pots on quartz is the most overlooked consideration of how strong the stone. On granite burns and hairlines can develop due to pots placed on it.

At a given 3 to 5 min of placing a hot pan on the stone a very slight noise that sound like a finger snap can be heard.

The manufacture can come and observe the damage but an assessment of quartz will be proven by a ring on the quartz which will determine whether there was a crack caused by a hot pot.

Sharp Objets

Sharp object such such as knifes and screws which are common scratches will be assest by the depth of the scratch or mark.

Some marks on stones can be overruled as scratches only to use the right cleaning products that affected the stone can be cleaned out.

Quartz stone are very strong material that are not easily scratched.

Air fryer

With reviews observed and experience on replacing quartz slabs, air fryers are becoming more popular in the cause of damages on quartz.

What we would recommend for clients who might be interest in getting one in future, a chopping board or a piece of stone to be placed under the air fryer to avoid any heat damages.

all purpose cleaners

Buying any products that has writen all purpose cleaners or even surface cleaners is not recommended for quartz.

Most cleaners have a small amount of oil that can trap dirt, dust or colouring liquid such as coffee, soda and more.

Best recommended daily cleaner for quartz is any cleaner that has written granite and marble cleaner.

Direct sunlight

Anyone that wants money will tell you that quartz can be placed outside, as long the is a shelter, yes quartz can be placed outside but as long as they is no direct sunlight on the quartz they wont be any defect due to sunlight.

When quartz placed in kitchens, a window will shield the quartz stone to direct sunlight.

The effect of placing granite on direct sunlight is mostly seeing on white quartz which may change in a period of 3 to 5 years to a yellow colour which may be another clause not to be covered by a warrantee of the chosen brand.

Only stone recommended outside is granite and dark quartz which overtime sealing or quartz enhancers need to be used to maintain the stone.