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Unique quartz countertops

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Unique Quartz Countertops

New quartz colours

Every year there are new colours introduced to the market, the market for quartz is moving away from solid. Unique quartz colours comes with a deluxe price, this range has a solid marble replicate, meaning you will have a marble replicate made from quartz stone offering better quality with the assurance of no stains, no scratches and best of all a life time sealed stone.

Eezi quartz

New colours from eezi quartz in 2021 include Blanco bronze, Blanco Steel, and Blanco pewter.

2022 New material from Eezi quartz

Enduro quartz

Enduro Quartz is one of the multi colour quartz supply in the market, is has more 45 colours of quartz and this are the new ones offered this 2021, statuario gold,