5 things to avoid on quartz countertops

5 things to avoid on quartz countertops Quartz are durable and are not labeled as plastic like before because it is man made but its resistant on stain and not…

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eezi quartz
blanco bronze

Unique quartz countertops

Unique Quartz Countertops New quartz colours Every year there are new colours introduced to the market, the market for quartz is moving away from solid. Unique quartz colours comes with…

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Top 5 quartz countertops

Top 5 quartz countertops installed by Stone Countertops company. This are the most requested colours and are from from different brands. 5 Calacatta Slim - Enduro Quartz This is from…

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sink drain groove
sink drain groove

Cutting Of Granite & Quartz

Stove cut out The cutout dimensions are the length and width of the opening in the countertop needed for installation of the stove. Drop-in sink cut out The distinguishing feature of a…

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giallo ornamentale
giallo ornamentale

Granite vs Quartz vs Marble

There are  lots of countertop options IN the market for kitchens AND bathrooms This includes granite, marble, quartz, and more. Other materials can cost more than the other and some…

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granite for your kitchen

Reasons why you should install granite or quartz This are the 5 reasons why you should switch from formica tops to granite or quartz stone in your kitchen, this are…

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granite installation

Granite, marble and Quartz installation Granite, quartz and marble installation has a broad process for an installation to take place, whether it be a fireplace, kitchen tops, bathroom vanities, bathtub…

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